Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All the Preparation

Hello everyone!
It only seems like I found out I will be part of a 12 person team to travel to Nova Scotia in late March. YEAH! I am still full of excitment. Yet, I am doing my best to balance all of my school responsiblities, advising, family and get prepared for my expedition. This blog was blocked by my email but now here I am!

So which of the following are MTYH vs FACT about my upcoming research?
1. Learning from researchers how to identify and find signs of mammals in the wild.
2. Setting up live traps and then checking the trap and collecting data on each animal and the weather.
3. Crawling on hands and knees and looking for mammal scat in site plots.
4. Building bat houses or a wood boardwalk to protect sensitive amphibian habitiat.