Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have arrived in Nova Scotia!!! I landed at Halifax International Airport which is a big city with skyscrapers but it is also a port city on the Atlantic ocean. This what I could have taken a picture of from the plane, but I did not have my camera out. It is of Halifax and the historic citadel.
Nova Scotia is the oldest part of North American continent. Located in extreme NE what US state is the closest to me again?
Nova Scotia is a peninsula not an island. Remember from social studies what that means. Once I was outside of the city I saw massive dikes. What are they and why does Nova Scotia have them?
The dikes are man made walls of soil to hold back the Atlantic ocean because some parts of Nova Scotia is below sea level. With the dikes in place there is valuable farmland. Nova Scotia is known for its high tides, lobster, fish, blueberries, Christmas trees, and apples. I thought the lobster ad in the hotel room was fitting.


  1. Update when you get to the Research site. Did you have lobster dinner....
    Your Twin sis, temp location Bahamas,

  2. bring home a lobster as a classroom pet -colten

  3. Sorry guys, the fish tank is not saltwater...and you would try to boil it an eat it at some point! Mrs. Clark.

  4. Yes.... Yes we would