Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Data Collection

Once a trap is found in the grid with the door closed I carried it back to a central location to collect data. I recorded the trap ID (Row letter and number), next I place the entire trap inside a large clear plastic bag. I made sure to pull up my sleeve(that way the rodent doesn't use my sleeve as a tunnel to escape) and held the plastic bag closed at the top. Next, I took apart the nesting chamber from the tunnel and removed the nesting material from inside until the rodent came out. I then cornered the rodent and held it there to remove the trap and hay to leave just the rodent alone in the bag.
I identified the rodent type, next scruffed the animal and took it out of the bag to determine the gender and reproductive status(male ready to breed, female pregnant or non) and its health. Next, the researcher verified the gender and marked the animal as “Caught” by clipping some guard hairs off its thigh leaving behind a different colored hair.
That way we know if it gets caught again. Next I placed the rodent back into the bag and it was weighed.
I took the rodents in a plastic bag and the same trap was reset and with a partner the rodent and a maze was taken back to the marked site the trap was from on the grid. The rodent was placed in the maze and timed for how long it took to get out, which released it back into the wild. If the rodent took longer than 10 minutes we took the lid off the maze and let it go. What is the purpose of the maze?

Mammals today: 2 red squirrels, 3 white tail deer, 1 muskrat, 3 raccoon, 3 beaver, 2 porcupine, 2 mice and 5 voles. Weather was 40 today but windy.
Also I will be skyping with many of you Friday April 1st What are you still wondering about what I am doing here?


  1. You used the maze to test how smart the animals are.- Animal Science

  2. The maze was to test their IQ-8th grade

  3. They can't be in the maze for more than 10 min. because of the stress levels of being caught and handled.- Ag II

  4. We think that you put the mouse through a maze to see how well it can figure things out in the dark. We also think that you want to see how fast it can go. Sorry we missed you on Skype this morning. We couldn't get a connection. When are you coming back to Wisconsin?
    Mrs. Stegeman's First Grade Class

  5. I love that all your students are learning Lab animal medicine!!!! Data collection, testing methods and even humane/welfare of the animals being used!!! here is a field study vs my world.........very cool though since its the same ideas
    your twin sis, still loving the Bahamas

  6. You use the maze to test the rodents intelligence.-6th grade Garrigan

  7. how are you likeing it.

  8. It is a trick to see if you paying attention to the details - YOU will have to run the maze on your last day!! KathieB