Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shorehike summary

Awesome job posting comments on the blog. Mrs. Morstad’s post with Mr. Jensen’s 8th graders correctly identified the scat which was coyote scat. The items in the picture from my 7 mile shore hike from Broad Cove to Petite Reverie(Look it up on Google maps if you have time since I walked right by Green Bay, Nova Scotia that is. See in my picture how rocky the shore is?) Lobster claw, 2 crab exoskeletons, seaweed which kelp is common, the round white object is a sea urchin skeleton, a snail shell and other small sea shells, he clam like shells are from mussels, there are some crab legs left behind from a seagull or raccoon dinner, and sand and rocks. Click on any of the pictures on my blog to make them bigger for a closer look.


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