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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Think Like a Mouse

Today I was in class today too! We got lots of training on how to set and prepare the small rodent traps. We worked together to first make sure each of the 100 traps had a Styrofoam jacket. Why did the trap need a jacket? The night time temperatures are still freezing so this keeps the mouse, shrew or vole, chipmunk, would freeze in the cold metal trap without it. 40 needed repairs or brand new ones made. You can see me doing this in a picture.
Then we had to learn how to put the two pieces together into a banana shape with a tunnel side and a nest side. Why do you think the ends had to be set higher?
We had to fill the nest end with hay and seeds to bait the rodents in and then open the trap door and attach the tunnel.
This is a very time consuming task and thus a reason why the group of volunteers help is so important.Also today mammals seen were red fox, 2 porcupine, 3 snowshoe hare. Weather was a high of 43. Animal science class add that to the chart.
Each of the 100 trap were labeled a-b-c-d-e and 1-10 a and b. This created a checkerboard grid we then placed in the East Port Medway Research Site. I set 20 traps in row D, ten yards apart and orange tape marked the site of each of my traps. While doing this we all had to think like a mouse to set the traps. If you were a mouse running in the forest where should I have put the trap to catch you?


  1. sounds like your havinga blast-colten

  2. You need to put the traps by some food or next to a tree. We also recorded the temp and animals on the chart for you.-Animal Science

  3. We think you should put the traps at the base of the tree near the roots or in tall grass.
    -8th grade

  4. The trap should be placed near food(per McKenzie) or by a hollow fallen log.-Ag II

  5. I think the trap should be placed near the lake because animals would be looking for water to drink -Colten

  6. Our class thinks this sounds like a lot of fun. We decided we would put the traps near trees, bushes, other rodent homes, or in the tall grass. We also think there should be some water nearby in case the rodents get thirsty. We want to know what you plan to do with the rodents once you catch them. We are planning to skype with you on Friday. (with Mrs. Runge's class) See you then.
    Mrs. Stegeman's First Grade Class

  7. Our class thinks you should place the trap in a hole, by a tree, under leaves, near water, or in the middle of a field.
    -6th grade Dickson

  8. WOrd of the Day: Thigmotactic- rodents are, and b/c of this traps should be placed where they would be running along things they are touching. Its a security feeling to them and why if you dead end a trap along a log for example, they will go right into it.

    looks cool, lots of good questions for the students of all age, your Twin Sis in the Bahamas :-)