Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What was Inside?

Mammal trapping was like opening presents at Christmas today.Let’s talk about the different species while we show off what we caught today:
Mice-have huge eyes, and big mickey mouse ears and long tails, they love to climb up fallen logs or rocks and are nocturnal(come out at night). They are omnivores. We caught 2 deer mice today. Here is one I got to handle and take data on.
Voles-have short stubby tails, small ears and small eyes so they come out only during the day they look to always be under brush and cover to avoid predators rather then run, because they cannot hear or see them as good as mice since their eyes and ears are small and herbivores and are diurnal(active during the day). We caught 4 red backed voles today.
Shrews-they are smaller and also have short stubby tail, small ears but bigger eyes. They however are insectivores with a diet where they must eat almost constantly and will starve in 3 hours without bugs to eat. So our traps have a shrew hole about the size of a dime from which they can escape. We had 1 shrew today(How come I don’t have a picture?)
Red Squirrels-larger size, long fluffy tail, big eyes, sharp claws for climbing will be both up trees and on forest floor, they are diurnal herbivores. We saw 2 today. In a field transect we found 5 porcupine, 3 beaver, 15 snowshoe hare, 1 deer, 10 coyote, 3 raccoon, 1 skeleton of deer mouse. The temp was 43.

We also learned that raccoons are a pest to our research site as they disassembled 4 traps, and shredded the Styrofoam jackets trying to get the seed inside.
What do you think we did with the rodents we caught in the traps? What data was collected?


  1. i think you checked its gender and maybe determined its age -Colten

  2. We think you tagged them and checked their gender. Why are you holding up three fingers in one of your pictures?-Animal Science

  3. We think you recorded the data to determine the population of these rodents in your area.
    Have you found the carcusses of any dead animals?-8th Grade Ag

  4. We know after collecting the data you let the cute little critters go. The data you collected was as follows: Measuring from nose to tail, weight, and gender.-Your favorite 7th hour class Ag II

  5. You collected the length of their tails, their gender, their color, their size, their weight and thier age. We also think you studied if they were sick or not.
    -6th grade Garrigan

  6. Mrs.Clark i love ur neckless. :) I think u just tag them, and see what they do and what they eat and how long they sleep.:)

  7. We think you studied it and learned its weight, how smart it was, if it was a boy or a girl and stuff like that. Then we home you set it free. We don't think you got a picture of the shrew because it got out through the little hole you put in the trap. We hope he got something to eat before his three hours was up.
    Mrs. Stegeman's First Grade Class