Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Data Recorded

The trapping at the East Port Medway site is completed. Today we had 2 mice and 3 voles. We collected traps. Just in time as today the weather was 34 with sleet in the morning. MUCH different, there are wind and rain warnings associated with a big nor’easter weather system from the Atlantic. Here are some pictures of the ocean before the storm and during. There are gusts of 40-60mph or more. This picks up some of the cobblestone along the shore and tosses it many feet onto shore. Its impressive yet destructive to any houses built too close to the ocean.
Let’s get back to the research. The final totals for our 3 days of research were 12 voles and 6 mice. We were taught to use the Lincoln Peterson Index: N1 X N2/ R
N1= Number of New Rodents Day 1
N2= Number of Rodents Day 2
R= Total number of recaptured rodents
Using this equation we got 21.6(or 22 animals) Last year the data for the same time of year was only 10. Remember our expedition is important to set the base line data for how many small mammals made it through the winter at each site. So it is expect to be fairly low and rise as they start breeding and peak in Sept/Oct at 80-100. We will move the traps to a site further inland that has been logged to see how mammal numbers might be affected. How do you think the population after winter will be be at the logged site? Explain your answer.


  1. Good results, what are the plans for next week? Just trapping inland or will you be doing other things? I love the posts and updates it helps know what you are doing, seeing (thanks to the pictures), and best of all learning while there. Your Twin, heading back North.........

  2. The population should be high, since the forest was cut down there will be more places to hide/live. They also will be having their babies at this time. -Animal Science

  3. We think the population will be low because of predators and not enough hiding places.
    -8th grade

  4. Due to the high number of small mammals at the first site, we predict that the number of small mammals at the logged site will be higher than the previous year. -Ag II

  5. We think the totals will be lower at the logged site because there are less trees.
    -6th grade Dickson