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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Generalist & Specialist Answers

The generalists on the list were: deer, raccoon, coyote. These animals are found in many different habitats, reproduce very easily,often and at a very early age and more then once a year, or don't mind living near people, and can eat lots of different food.

The specialists are the panda, lynx, salamander, flying squirrel, and the pine marten. Why do you think these species are specialists? Give specific answers for each animal.
Here I am exploring a porcupine den which we collected quills from and marked the location with GPS so the researchers can continue to monitor the den's use. The weather today was 41 and we caught 2 vole, we had signs of 4 deer, 7 snow shoe hare, 2 red squirrels, 2 porcupine.


  1. Our reasons are: Panda-it only eats bamboo. Lynx it only eats meat. Salamander-they need
    moisture.Flying Squirrel-it is a herbavior. Pine Marten-they only live in/near pine trees. -Animal Science.

  2. We think the specialists need these things: Panda-bamboo, Lynx-meat, Salamander-moisture/dark places, Flying Squirrel-trees to fly from, Pine Marten-to live by pine trees.
    -8th grade

  3. We miss you and our answers to why these animals are specialists would be: Panda-only eats bamboo, Lynx-only eats meat, Salamander-needs cold wet places and eats insects, Flying Squirrels-they need height, Pine Marten-needs pine trees. ~Ag II

  4. We think these animals are specialists because: Panda-only eats bamboo, Lynx-only eats meat, Salamander-eats small insects and needs cool moist places to live, Flying Squirrels-needs tall trees as well as eats nuts and seeds. -8th grade Garrigan