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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Generalists vs Specialists

Generalists are those species adapted to a wide range of environmental circumstances and food sources, while specialist species are really good at one narrow thing they do or require a specific habitat or food in order to survive. An example of a generalist would be mice, which can adapt to practically any environment and consume a variety of seeds, grains, and nuts. This includes the animals we have been trapping. However, when I visited Kejimkujik National Park(Keji for short) the old growth hemlock forest did not offer a lot of biodiversity of animals or food sources. So actually more specialist species, often endangered plant and animals species are found in this rare habitat. An example of specialist animals would be the koala, which lives in eucalyptus trees and only eats eucalyptus leaves.
How would you classify these animals as Generalist or Specialists?
Flying Squirrel
Pine Marten

Today it was 50 rainy, wet and muddy. In our traps we caught 2 voles, 1 bog lemming(From my trap and it was much bigger. It was a lactating female the first so far that had given birth!) we also had evidence of 1 porcupine, 5 deer, 1 bobcat, 2 fisher, 5 snowshoe hare.


  1. Nice chunky lemming.............have you been checking the chuckers on each too? yellow vs white...........keep learing and having fun Your Twin Sis, Windsor, WI

  2. We think the generalists are: deer, pine marten, raccoon, flying squirrel, coyote, and the linx. The specialists are: panda, and salamander. -Animal Science

  3. Looks like you are covering a lot of teratory.
    Some of them look to be very remote. What a great experience to discover these remote habatats.

    Did you get to go to Lake Rossignol. It is south east of Keijimkujik National Park.
    That lake is connected by a long river to the one in the park. That would be some intresting river trip.

    Keep looking you might find Big Foot!


  4. Our answers for generalist are: raccoon, coyote, lynx, and deer. The specialists are: panda, flying squirrel, salamander, and pine marten. - 8th grade. :-)

  5. We have concluded that the generalists are as follows: raccoon, flying squirrel, and the deer. The specialists are the following: panda, lynx, salamander, and the pine marten. -Ag II

  6. We think that the generalists are: raccoon, flying squirrel, coyote, lynx, and deer. The specialists are: panda, salamander, and the pine marten. We think that the bog lemming is really cool too! -6th grade Dickson