Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Meet the Earthwatch Mammal Team

Check out the people on expedition with me. From the left: Mr. Richards, Mr. Coppelli, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Clark, Christina, Ed, and Mrs. Roberts.

Mrs. Roberts is a 3rd grade language arts and reading teacher at an all girls school in Dallas Texas, she is my roommate and always have very creative ideas for her students as she blogs and Skype’s back to them. She enjoys walking with me in the morning before breakfast and we are roommates in the house.
Ms. Davis is a 5-6 grade science teacher at an all girl’s school in San Francisco, California. When she is not teaching science she loves rock climbing and traveling. She however doesn’t like the cold weather here and even in the house uses a down sleeping bag. I would be too hot.
Mr. Richards is a high school AP environmental science teacher from San Francisco California. When he is not teaching he is preparing for another marathon or DJ’ing. He also was a Packer fan during the super bowl time.
Mr. Coppelli just found out 2 days before the expedition that he would be filling in for a teacher at his school that could not come. He is a high school math teacher is very enthusiastic about learning lots about mammals. In his spare time he enjoys running and playing many sports.
Christina is retired from the human resources worked from the hotel industry from London England. She takes 1 Earthwatch expedition a year to travel yet volunteer by doing something and give back. She loves to try new things and is roommates with Ms. Davis.
Edward is a retired pharmacist who is the oldest person in the group but the most experienced. He is from San Jose California. He takes 4 Earthwatch expeditions each YEAR and has been on well over 44 different trips through this organization. He says he likes watching the teachers talk back to their students on the trip and learns a lot from what they report back too.

Dr. Chris Neumann-on of the lead researchers originally from England he is now a resident of Nova Scotia. He has lots of experience studying mammals especially badgers back in England since 1991. He works on many international collaborative efforts on mammals and climate change research. He also knows a lot about geology and enjoys building his new house and or fixing anything broken in his spare time.
Dr. Christina Buesching-wife of Dr. Chris Neumann is a behavior ecologist with a focus on how do animals modify their behavior based on climate change. She has lots of field research projects under her belt and owns 2 horses she enjoys spending her spare time with. These two are VERY smart and I am learning alot from them.

What role do you think we(the volunteers) play in in the small mammal research for Dr's Neumann and Buesching?


  1. You help by setting traps and counting poop as well as anytihng else that needs to be done. The work gets done faster that way. All of this can help determine the status of the population.
    -Animal Science

  2. Your role is to help gather more information than the researchers could get by themselves.
    -8th grade

  3. The researchers are able to set up more traps and collect more data with more people to help them.-Ag II

  4. Your job there is to determine imformation as well as the breed of the small mammals.
    -6th grade Dickson