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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Lingo and BIG Mammals Seen

Our PI(Principal Investigators) Dr. Chris Neumann and Dr. Christina Buesching are from England and Germany. Often our Earthwatch team was somewhat confused by what they had said or asked us to do and they were speaking english and the foreign country was only Canada. Here are some of the new words we had to learn:
Sticking plaster
Head Torch
Rubbish bag
Kitchen roll
Car park

For example: Mrs. Clark take a piece of the kitchen roll on the cooker and dry the beaker.
Translation: Mrs Clark use a piece of paper towel from on the stove to dry the cup.

Here are the other ones in order from the list above: band aid, rubber boots, head lamp, gun, stove, paper towel, cup, parking lot, and subway.

At the Seaside Adjunct of Keji we hiked 5 miles along the coast and saw our largest mammals yet! Take a look at the seal, this one was posing for the picture most of the rest were swimming in the Atlantic. Additionally, 2 porcpines were seen! Very few on the team had ever seen a wild porcupine so it was very exciting.

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