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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poop Counts…what for?

Well, by counting all different types of poop(scat) from deer, rabbit, porcupine,coyote, skunks etc., we can find out how many different types of mammals are in the area. The way we do this is to place a red marking pole into the ground and radiate 90-degree angles from this point and back again for a distance of 10 meters square. Next step bend over to slowly inspect the ground to find if there are droppings from any mammals in the square we have marked out. We did several survey's just for snowshoe hare droppings, another today for deer at Kejimkujik NAtional Park for deer, and one for any mammals possible in the area.
Today the weather was 37 and we saw 9 deer and one mink. Make sure to continue scrolling to check out my entries for over the weekend.

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