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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poop Quiz Answers

Imagine you are a national geographic movie maker looking for Nova Scotia mammal’s for your latest TV show. Don’t those shows make it look very easy to find wild animals? Actually, seeing animals in the wild is much more difficult. Mammals, in particular, tend to be shy and many come out only at night. How do you know (or avoid) the animals are in the wild?
Using those indirect observations! By following clues the animals leave behind like scat here is the list you came up with from your comments- tracks, nests, meal leftovers, bird poop/owl pellets, wood peckers holes, chews marks, burrow/ tunnels, urine marks, claw sharpening, crushed leaves, buck rubs, trails, bedding sites. Those are all visual things. Also remember hearing them, or smelling them.

The answers to the scat quiz-
1. Coyote(which in Nova Scotia are interbreeding with wolves are are larger then those back home in WI.) Often full of deer hair and crushed bones and connected in links becasue of the hair.
2.Snowshoe hare (EVeryone got that one correct)
3. Porcupine (oval shape about the size of a jelly bean, found in large numbers under a feeding tree or in a den)
4. Owl pellet (Everyone got that correct) bones are found hole and will have hair around it) This was from a shorteared owl.Tricky one since it is vomit and not poop at all.
5. Raccoon- not like raccoon back home since this one was eating a diet of crabs and shore critters on the beach.
6. Red Fox- full of rabbit fur and bone much smaller in size then coyote.
7. Deer- (Everyone got this correct) darker black color with a small point on one end found in piles.

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