Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. Please join me as I travel to study the mammals of Nova Scotia!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some interesting things:

1. Mammals are the only group to have a diaphragm which separates the lungs from the guts. This allows mammals to either run after or away from a predator/prey without their guts moving up into their lungs choking them.
2. Shrews(which is pictured) are often NOT eaten by predators because of the ammonia in their bodies from the insects they eat makes them taste really bad.
3. Small rodents never drink water because they get enough from the seeds, insects, or dew on grasses they eat.
4. If you find a small rodent tooth in scat or owl pellet and it has many roots like a human tooth it’s a mouse and if it has one root it’s from a vole.
5. It is not snow melt or snowfall that causes a snowshoe hare or arctic foxes to change fur color but the length of light in the day called photoperiod.

6. If you catch a female in a trap there is a higher percentage that the next animal caught in the trap will be a male.
7. That European badgers look way different from Wisconsin badgers. Can you tell which is which? Weird looking foreign badger.
8. The Nova Scotia porcupines sometimes eat seaweed for the salt which helps to counteract with the high amount bark they eat.
.9. From a lecture on climate change I learned that cement mining/manufacturing is one of the biggest contributors to global climate change.
10. The shrew is the animal which bats evolved from.
11. The more variety of mosses, fungi, and lichens you find in an area means a cleaner air quality.
12. Birch trees can regrow their bark after a porcupine or beaver chew on it to prevent the pest from girdling the tree and killing it.


  1. I hope your having fun and i cant wait until you reaturn. I miss you alot. Your classroom and animals are getting token care of really good by your students especally your sub as well. I cant wait too hear all about your trip I know we will and thats the best part. Bring home alot of picutures for us too see. Mabey we should start a wall of your picutures from places you go too. I think that would be a fun project too do. We could put it by the FFA pictures if there is any room since you do ALOT with us I dont know if there will be but we will find room. Well bye for now and I cant wait tell you come back and skype tomarow it will be so much fun.
    ~Amanda- FFA member and Animal Science Student~

  2. Really interesting facts, I learned some things I didn't know today!!!! Have a safe flight back, and i hope you don't loose any of your bags!!! PS one of the hermit crabs has already changed shells!!!! Anne thought it was funny, I told her it was trying to dress more American, hahah Your Twin, Cath

  3. Do badgers live in Nova Scotia? Our neighbor is positive he has one living under his shed. The description he gave IS that of a badger, can anyone answer this question?