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Friday, April 8, 2011

You can do this too!

If you could travel to anywhere to conduct environmental research where would you go and what would you start research on?
Students go to http://www.earthwatch.org/expedition/teenteam and learn about the Earthwatch expeditions YOU as a student can take part in called the Earthwatch teen team.

Of all the students in your class who should be nominated for an Earthwatch expedition by me? Explain why.
Who is the next Suring teacher who should apply for an expedition like I am on? Explain why.

Teachers take a look too for the educator section on Live From the Field program at http://www.earthwatch.org/aboutus/education/edopp/lff/. Start preparing now for the next application deadline which is September.
Several new posts are up for yesterday and today. Make sure to read them all and learn.


  1. Thanks for skypeing us it was a lot of fun! We nominate Austin and Daemon because they are very adventerous.And Mr. Keeffe because he likes to trap animals.
    -Animal Science

  2. We believe out of our class that Amber and Creo Would be good candidates for you to nominate. They believe it would be a great learning experience and would enjoy it. The teacher that we believe would be a good nomine from Suring School would be Mr. Jensen; he graduated from college and is very knowledgeable about tree identification and likes to explore out in the woods. He also is always telling trapping stories.
    -8th Grade Exploring Ag

  3. We nominate Darcie because she is a hard worker, detemined student, out doorish, and a lot like Mrs Clark! For a teacher, we nonmiate Mrs Anderson because she's from the country and we like it that way. We also think your picture is a very good one of you. :-) -Ag II

  4. We nominate John because he is good in the woods as well as Mr Garrigan for the same reason.
    Thanks for the Babe movie we like it a lot!
    -6th grade Dickson